Comfortable Yet? A mom’s journey through the uncomfortably delightful stages of pregnancy


As you sit down with a cup of your favorite warm or cold beverage and move around quite a few times to reach the ultimate comfort zone; I pose a question, what is comfort?

Comfort according to the dictionary is a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. What the dictionary does not tell us is how comfortable it becomes to be uncomfortable for the sake of another human being. From the very moment you find out you are expecting things within you begin to change. You are first filled with the excitement of the idea of having an innocent child in your arms. Thoughts like, is this really happening, run through your pores. Wow, a baby! That peace and gentle grin kicks in and no one knows the reason why you are walking around with such a peaceful grin but you. People begin to wonder what is different about you, and on the inside you are dying to yell it from the rooftops: I am pregnant! Yet the time is too soon to share the news, and the waiting begins… The first doctor appointment to confirm the great news finally arrives after what seems like and endless amount of time. You walk out of that appointment with a checklist of things you must now go buy to make sure your growing baby is comfortable. First stop, the drug store for a pill crusher! Those prenatal vitamins are huge but you know you have to drink them in order for the baby to grow strong and healthy. Second stop, mom’s house for some spoiling. You begin to share the news with your closest family members but the doctor says we still have to wait for the first trimester to be over to share it with the world. You wonder 12 weeks is a long time but to your surprise it happens in the blink of an eye. Now during that time you begin to wonder: am I ready for this? You begin to make the necessary changes in your diet, environment and attitude to make the next 12 weeks the most comfortable for your baby. The planning begins. Comfortable clothes, shoes, pillows etc…You say things to yourself like “I have to make sure the baby is comfortable.” As we begin to become uncomfortable, we do everything is our power to make sure the baby is comfortable at any cost. Our desire to care for and protect our children is something we are born with and are completely unaware of until we see the first signs pregnancy.

Once you get a glimpse of the baby, taking your prenatal vitamins becomes a bit more enjoyable as you realize how strong the baby is growing with every passing minute. Now the 12 weeks are over, the morning sickness subsided and you are not as tired as you were in the first trimester. You did it! It’s time to move on to the second trimester, everyone around you notices your glow and you are free to say I am pregnant! By now you have a stack of books next to your nightstand trying to help you understand what in the world is going to happen next. Carrying and showing off the sonogram pictures becomes an event you look forward to almost daily. As a proud and growing mama you begin to show the world the beautiful wonder inside of you. Realizing that you, for the first time in your life are comfortable in your body (even though you are growing) becomes a treasure.

Enjoy, embrace, and fall in love all over again with the gift of motherhood and the art of being joyfully uncomfortable.


Written by  Lluvya Jagtiani: Mom of two beautiful girls, Homeschooler and Blogger

Comfortable Yet? A mom’s journey through the uncomfortably delightful stages of pregnancy

Stay at home mom sews padding into sons’ pants, and Comfy Crawlers by Gissy Bella is born

Comfy Crawlers by Gissy Bella
Deliciously soft and generously padded baby clothes. Perfect for crawling babies everywhere!
Designed by a mom and loved by babies!

marinaethanwesterdahlphotoComfy Crawlers by Gissy Bella were created and designed by stay at home mom Marina Westerdahl.  Like most moms when her first baby was born, she went to several stores in search of all the items that she thought she would need to help her with the new journey. She asked other more experienced mother for advice, for recommendations, and for brand preferences…it seemed that for every possible need there was a product that met that need. When her daughter, Giselle, began to crawl, she worried that she might find things that she could easily put in her mouth to cause her to choke, so Marina would crawl along Giselle’s side. Marina noticed that after a while of crawling her knees would begin to hurt but she accepted it. Then her son Ethan was born, by this time she was living in a new place that had tile everywhere. Marina loved the tile because of how easy it was to keep clean, but whenever she thought of her son crawling on the rough surface, or worse yet, falling and hurting himself she worried. She began to brainstorm, surely there had to be a solution. As her children grew, she spent a lot of time playing with her then 2 ½ year old daughter, whose favorite game was horsy; and you can guess who the horsy was! Boy! After 5 minutes of crawling on tile carrying her daughter, her knees would be hurting! She thought for sure she was in the early stages of arthritis! But the experience only made her more determined to find a product that would help make her sons crawling less painful! First she thought she would buy lots and lots of foam padding to cover the entire house; but it didn’t seem too practical. Marina thought of buying several large rugs, but that seemed too costly.  Umm…what to do?

One day, when her son was only six months she had one of those moments, when for a few seconds, her mind cleared and it all made perfect sense (sleep deprivation greatly decreases these moments.) She would sew pants for her son with foam padding in the front legs! The next day she went to Joann Fabrics and bought all the materials. She dusted her sewing machine and several hours later, her first pair of pants was completed. If her son wasn’t sleeping, he was wearing those pants! And thus, they got through the crawling and early walking stages with a little more ease. She wondered why she couldn’t find something like this at any store. Was she the only mother that felt so strongly about her babies’ knees? But by talking to other moms she realized that most moms really care about keeping their babies knees soft and comfy during crawling, but some don’t really know what to do about it, and others figure that since babies have been crawling on rough surfaces for ages and survived, why change that now?

When Marina’s son began to crawl she just felt better knowing that he was wearing pants with built in foam pads.   They were light pads, so he could crawl as fast as he wanted and not feel constrained in any way, and they were built in, so he couldn’t wiggle his way out of them. Other moms noticed them and fell in love with the padded pants. She had more orders than she could keep up with! She was not looking for a business, but she knew that the necessity was there. And so Comfy Crawlers by Gissy Bella was born. Named after her daughter, Gissy Bella is an online store that sells Comfy Crawlers.

Sadly she has long since retired her son’s Comfy Crawler pants, but it was a happy sadness…after all he couldn’t stay little forever.

You can purchase Comfy Crawlers by Gissy Bella at: or or on www.  And Always Free Shipping on all our designs.

Stay at home mom sews padding into sons’ pants, and Comfy Crawlers by Gissy Bella is born