Grandparents Love Comfy Crawlers!

grandparentsThe minute the world hears the baby’s first cry, the race is on! While mom is giving birth, there is a group of very competitive older yet wiser adults waiting for their names to be called first. Yes you guessed it, the grandparents. Pacing back and forth in the waiting area they are filled with excitement and great plans as to how they will become the world’s greatest grandparents. Thinking over and over again the many times they could have done things different with their own children, but now it’s different they feel the pressure of getting a second chance to get things right. This time it’s different they don’t have to deal with the tough love, they just have to love.  Will it be his parents that become the favorite or will it be her parents, hum, what to do?

In thinking how hard it was for me to pick the favorite grandparents, I wished it was both sets of grandparents but it is inevitable; one must become the “other grandparents” and the other “nana and papa” the favorites. For many families it is dependent on wisdom, care, geography, love or really just how much you interject. Here is a simple idea that can help you win some points toward becoming the world’s best grandparents in your grand baby’s life:  Padded pants, you heard me right Comfy Crawlers! Why you ask, well it’s simple. Comfy crawlers come in great designs and sizes, providing care and protection for the precious baby. It will show that you care from the moment they are newborn to well into the crawling stages. The padded pants provide protection on their elbows, knees and bottoms. Think about it, anywhere your grandbaby goes with you he/she will be protected against any harsh surfaces that can cause them to bruise or even earn their first scrape (yikes! You would not want that to happen on your watch). As a mom I would see Comfy Crawlers as a sign of wisdom, thinking ahead on how to protect the baby at all times, “safety first” knowing that not everywhere you go has padded floors. In conclusion had my parents thought of Comfy Crawlers from the very beginning, they would have had 1st place in grandparents race. Hope this helps, congratulations and good luck on your grand parenting journey.

Blog by Lluvya Jagtiani

Grandparents Love Comfy Crawlers!

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