Keeping Your Crawling Baby Safe

Do you remember the times in your life when it all seemed so big and so far? For me it is every Monday morning while trying to tackle mount washmore and attempting to talk myself into the reasons why I should go for that mile walk that looks like ten miles. Well for your baby it may feel that way now as they begin to explore the world around them thru crawling. To their little size and eyes a dog may look like a pony, a playpen like a room and a room may appear to be a park. Preparing them to have a joyful and wonderful experience is a whole lot of fun, however we must consider safety first. Making sure to drop down on the floor to see what they see is important in trying to understand them and working hard at keeping them safe. For example before your baby started crawling you may have dropped a few things here and there like the back of an earring and it was no big deal but now with your baby crawling that can be a whole other story. The baby may come across that earing backing and decide to place it in their mouth to see how it tastes. Yuck!! This is why I encourage you in the beginning of your baby’s crawling experience to close off an area for your baby to freely, joyfully and safely crawl. Make this area off limits to small objects, dirty shoes, pets, pet toys, electrical cords etc… It is also much easier to keep an area that is off limits clean, free of unwanted germs or harsh cleaning chemicals. Invest in things like gates, foam mats, pop up tunnels, play rugs, toys and of course my all-time favorite padded pants. As your baby gains speed their little knees can become bruised or even scratched while playing and exploring their new found freedom. Play games with your baby, like obstacle courses, chase, tag, hide and seek; have fun, be creative and protect your knees! (Our bodies just aren’t the same after having a baby). There are so many fun outings for you and your baby to enjoy the season of crawling. Places like Gymboree, My Gym, your local YMCA offer great mommy and me playtime where you and your baby can socialize while mastering the art of crawling.

Keeping Your Crawling Baby Safe

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